BLINK 2017
Community Matters - 2017 Gala Video
Sleep Outfitters Spot
Valvoline Vendor Spots
Kentucky Football: Title Work
Breeders Cup - 30 Second Spot
University of Kentucky - 2015 Super Bowl Advertisement
Creative Direction, Editing, Motion
Mertz Design: Holiday Card
Company Promotion
University of Kentucky - 2014 Super Bowl Advertisement
Roto Rooter Gel Clog Remover
Product Promotion, Web Ad
Aquasana Filtration System
Product Promotion, Web Ad
A&W Summer Spots
University of Kentucky - 2013 Super Bowl Advertisement
Pampers Packshots
Product Visualization
Pringles Re-Brand Intro
Brand Sizzle
Olay Re-Brand Intro
Brand Sizzle
Eagle One: Enviroshine
Product Unveiling, Advertising
Eagle One Car Show
Website Introduction
Destination Truth
TV Show, Supplemental Graphics
Sevylour SharkGlide
Product Unveiling
Our Brand Ideals
Mini Documentary
PUR Brand Excitement
Brand Ideal Video
Dole Brand Re-Design
Brand Sizzle
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