University of Kentucky - 2015 Super Bowl Advertisement

A revisit of the 2014 (Regional) Super Bowl commercial for the University of Kentucky. Building in a nice mix of mediums to tell a story of a growing fan base in a new sport (Kentucky being a basketball state)

Client: University of Kentucky
Date: February 2015
Format: Broadcast Advertisement (1080p)
Direction: David Coomer, Justin Lee
Copywriter: Jason Majewski
Photography: Kong Productions, Joel Roewer
Animation: Paul Mazzoleni
Editing: Justin Lee
Music: AJ Hochhalter

University of Kentucky called on us again to produce another regional super bowl spot. This was all about connecting the fans and the players with their Kentucky wide territory. Various elements like Kentucky's Motto "United we Stand" (Divided we fall) are visually depicted along with the obviously necessary highlight reel.
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